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"Space Cabin" Cryotherapy Machines for Sale

Cryotherapy not only helps decrease the aches and pains from tough workouts, it can also help you become even more flexible. By helping your joints move more efficiently you in turn can move better.


Our Aurora™ Whole Body Cryotherapy Chamber uses state-of-the-art technology.

Reaching temperatures of -150°C / -300°F the Aurora™ can accurately measure the chamber's tempurature to deliver the most effective treatment to the user.


Our Classic unit is covered by special shockproof polystyrene (HIPS) from the outside and covered by special water-resistant fabric from the inside. For ease of operation, this model is equipped with a 10” touchscreen control panel with an intelligent interface.

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Components tested for high standards

Rest Easy

In our cryotherapy machines we use reliable components from trusted suppliers. Our cryotherapy machines are thoroughly tested and come with a CE certificate.


Tested for minimal consumption of liquid nitrogen

Cutting Edge

Using state-of-the-art construction and the shape of the interior the consumption of liquid nitrogen for each session is minimal.


Training an employee  is a breeze thanks to our 10 inch touch screen display


Operating our unit is as easy as using a cell phone. Using a 10’’ touch screen and user-friendly software make conducting a session smooth and effortless.

Cryotherapy Experts

We have Cryothery machine for sale. We are dedicated to providing top-notch, state-of-the-art services to our customers. 

Cryotherapy Experts
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Cryotherapy Experts
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Cryotherapy Experts
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We have Cryotherapy Machine for Sale