Cryotherapy Is Used In Wide-Ranging Industries

Spa & Medical Aesthetics

Cryotherapy Is Used In Wide-Ranging Industries

 Cryotherapy is a fantastic way to reduce the signs of aging because it stimulates collagen production and reduces inflammation and puffiness. It can even aid in weight loss!

Gyms and Fitness Centers

Cryotherapy Is Used In Wide-Ranging Industries

 It reduces inflammation from training and injuries, can decrease recovery time, increase energy and stamina, and provide an overall sense of well-being.

 Physical Therapy Offices

Cryotherapy Is Used In Wide-Ranging Industries

Cryotherapy provides healing benefits, reduces inflammation, and promotes the healing of injuries. When you add cryogenic therapy as one of your therapies, you’re providing your patients with a way to heal unlike any other.

Yoga Centers

Cryotherapy not only helps decrease the aches and pains from tough workouts, it can also help you become even more flexible. By helping your joints move more efficiently you in turn can move better.

Cryotherapy also reduces the risk of injury, especially in those that push their bodies to the limit, and can help get athletes back into their routine faster.

Doctors Office's


Cryotherapy is great for mental health as it helps reduce stress and has a calming effect. Not only that but it’s known to have several health benefits like reducing inflammation, boosting the immune system and can aid in losing weight. With an easy to use and maintain machine, cryotherapy is just what the doctor ordered.

Pro Athletic Teams

guy in cryotherapy

Whether you’re an aspiring college athlete or a seasoned professional veteran, athletes work their bodies to the breaking point day-in and day-out. Cryotherapy offers the benefits of a hot tub, sauna and cold tub all in one machine! Decrease your athletes’ recovery time while increasing their energy and stamina so they’re ready to go for the next game.