Picture of Football player Ronaldo

Cristiano ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo has revealed the secret of his success – chilling out at home. The Real Madrid star has had his own 'ice-box' Cryotherapy chamber fitted.

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Kobe Bryant

Floyd Mayweather used cryotherapy in 2015, prior to his fight with Manny Pacquiao. He would use whole body cryotherapy sessions following his training.

Testimonial - Bolt

Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt also used Cryotherapy for chilling out at home. The runner star has had his own 'ice-box' Cryotherapy chamber fitted. So we can consider this as his cryotherapy-testimonial

Testimonial - Floyed

Floyd Mayweather Jr

Floyd Mayweather, Jr. uses it for his recovery. But it going into sub-zero temperatures effective.He is walking into a chamber. It looks like a high-tech shower.

Tony Robbins

“Cryotherapy is my favorite tech. It is an extraordinary piece of technology.”

Stephen Curry

“It makes me feel better and it helps me recover faster from injuries.”

Bobbi Brown

“Seriously, I felt an almost addictive feeling of wellness for most of the day.”

Testimonial - Demi Moore

Demi Moore

Testimonial- Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig

Tetimonial - Jennifer aniston

Jennifer Aniston

Testimonial - Alicia Keys

Alicia Keyes

Cryotherapy- Testimonial: ii,

Inside the Cryotherapy Craze: Why Celebrities and Athletes Take the Deep Freeze

My fascination with Cryotherapy all started in the south of France, a few months ago, while at the spectacular Thermes Marins Spa in Monte Carlo. Wealthy guests were lining up for a chance at freezing themselves at a cost of $100 for two minutes. The treatment was touted as a way to procure relaxation, reduce stress, improve sleep disorders and dramatically improve jet lag.

But cryotherapy was first developed in physical medicine.  Basically for three main conditions; to help athletes recover and improve their performance, to prevent relapses for different illnesses and in the treatment of muscular and inflammatory pathologies. The anti-aging virtues of extreme cold have been known for a long time in Nordic and Eastern countries for rejuvenation and as an apparent fountain of youth.

Cryotherapy and Celebraties

It wasn’t until at the recommendation of several celebrities, I started a diet treatment in Los Angeles with well-known Lifestyle Medicine Specialist Dr. Joe Raphael. Dr. Joe started me on a simple routine of losing weight utilizing low calorie protein shakes while maintaining a restricted but sensible diet. I quickly discovered how celebrities like Christine Aguilera were able to lose weight so quickly and safely, and have been a devoted disciple of Dr. Raphael ever since.

While working out was part of the follow up to the diet, I found that my joints were not recovering well. And, I was often in pain going up and down stairs. Dr. Joe referred me to the Cryohealthcare Clinic in Beverly Hills to basically freeze my pain away. I had read for some time how popular the clinic was with numerous famous celebrities and major athletes including Floyd Mayweather and the professional dancers from the ABC-TV series “Dancing with the Stars.”

I left the clinic feeling relaxed and exhilarated. And now understand why everyone from Justin Bieber to Demi Moore have frequented the location. Taking the deep freeze really works. And is quite affordable making it a weekly part of your health regimen. Now if they only had a supermodel, six pack conversion chamber I would be all set.